Gaming Equality: Anita Sarkeesian Points Out The Obvious, Idiocy Ensues

Gaming Equality: Anita Sarkeesian Points Out The Obvious, Idiocy Ensues

In what seems like some bizarre Ground Hog’s Day time loop, Anita Sarkeesian (Feminist Frequency and Creator of Women vs Tropes in Video Games), has calmly pointed out an obvious source of sexism in the industry….

…and was then subsequently attacked for it.

This truth was brought to my attention rather late considering the time frame, as an article over on reports about a Twitter comment gone wrong.

During Microsoft’s E3 press conference, Anita Tweeted the obvious observance none of the games on show had any female protagonists for the next generation. Despite this being true, and her declaring this with no toxicity in her comments, she was met with a sting of harsh insults and terrible threats from a misguided male demographic.

This is sadly not surprising, as Anita has been ruthlessly attacked in the past, over similarly civil but justified observations of inequality. Her Kickstarter to fund Tropes vs Women in Video Games, gained massive success, and has helped to continue to fan the flames of the gender topic rampaging in gaming culture on an almost regular basis.

Whether or not you whole heartily agree with every view Anita has, you have to at least appreciate her efforts in understanding where the hate comes from, while dealing with it herself. Anita’s work with video games in recent days has gained some fans, and these completely inappropriate attacks against such tame comments only help prove her point of vile sexism in gaming.

If we wish to start successfully talking about gender equality in gaming, I think we all need to first start by not threatening to hurt people who just want to have a conversation about it.

Than we might be getting somewhere.

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