Gaming Culture: EVO 2013 In Full Swing, Catch The Action On The Live Stream

The premier fighting game tournament, EVO is now under way. The 2013 edition of the much anticipated fighting game competition is featuring several games, one of which was the very controversial inclusion of Super Smash Brother Melee. With other huge fighters like Super Street Fighter IV, Tekken Tag, King of Fighters and more, there’s something for everyone to look forward to who’s into the way of the warrior.

EVO is first and foremost about the competition, but we usually hear about some special information regarding upcoming updates or fighting games heading our way. One of the bigger reveals happening at EVO this year, is a special presentation from Double Helix, showcasing a newer build of Killer Instinct. We’ll be able to see a more in-depth look at how the engine works, some features KI will have, and even get a sneak peak at a returning character being announced, Glacius.

While EVO 2013 started yesterday, there’s plenty of action left for today, and all of the tournament finals take place all through out tomorrow. The event page can be found here, where the live stream is also located. For anyone interested in following the community as well as an endless dialogue of critiques and passionate fighting fan opinion, head on over to for all of your fighting game needs.

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