First Tomb Raider Review Available

Tomb Raider is getting released in less than two weeks and there’s a lot of anticipation behind the title: the reboot of the series starring a young Lara Croft will bring a lot of gameplay changes in the series usual formulas. Radical changes are not always good though: they may end up being too far from the series’ roots, something that may alienate old time fans.

The first Tomb Raider review is finally in and it looks like the game deserves all the hype it’s getting: GamesMaster magazine reviewed the game, awarding it a nice 90% score. The review states that the visuals are incredibly good, the hubs are nicely done and the final third off the game is spectacular. Gamers may be in for quite some game time: the main game will take around 15 hours to complete while over 20 hours may be required to fully explore the island. Other than the 6 main temples to explore, there may be some extra locations full puzzles, traps and enemies.

GamesMaster final comments on the game leave very little space for doubts: the game is excellent from start to finish and Crystal Dynamics may have a hard time topping this kind of quality in a possible sequel.

Tomb Raider will hit Pc, Ps3 and Xbox 360 on March 5.


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