First Dmc Devil May Cry Costume Pack DLC Detailed

Dmc Devil May Cry was released just last week and it looks like the game has definitely delivered on all aspects: what many fans feared didn’t happen and we’re looking at a great reboot that might have saved the series from being a “more of the same” affair. Some extra DLC packs have already been announced, with the Vergil’s Downfall preorder bonus coming in the next month and an extra costume pack announced last week and now fully detailed.

If Dante’s new look is not to your liking, you’ll be happy to know that you will be able to use our beloved old Dante thanks to the first DLC Costume Pack: together with the Classic Dante look, two new costumes will included with Dante dressing in regular sport clothes. The pack will be launching on January 29th in North America and on January 30th in Europe costing $4.00/€3.99/£3.19 or 320 MSP. The price to pay for controlling the old Dante is not so high so if you’re not satisfied with the new Dante, you know what to do next week.

If you haven’t yet bough the new Dmc I suggest you do as soon as you can: it’s an excellent game and a great return to form for the series, with a quality level pretty close to the first and third games of the series.

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