Fire Emblem: Awakening New Trailer Online

It took Nintendo quite some time, almost a year, to finally bring the latest entry of the Fire Emblem franchise, Fire Emblem: Awakening outside Japan and now that we’re so close to release date, Nintendo is going all out to promote the game.

The Fire Emblem game developed for 3DS will sport a number of features which will set it apart from previous entries of the series: players will have more freedom while exploring the game’s world, they will be able to alter characters relationship, even allowing characters to have a romantic relationship and children which will be enlisted in your ever growing army. The game will also make the best use of the unique communication features of the console, featuring some exclusive content for the Streetpass and Spotpas features: you may be able to meet characters created by other players during random battles and even get them join your army. For the rest, expect the same strategic role playing game fun, coupled with the usual intricacies of the plot, a staple in the series.

The new trailer showcases briefily many of the game’s elements.

Fire Emblem: Awakening will be launching in North America on February 4: as usual European players will have to wait a bit more, with the game getting an April release.


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