Fire Emblem: Awakening Grinding Guide

Good strategies are always a necessity in any tactical role playing game and Fire Emblem: Awakening is no different: however we’re still talking about a japanese role playing and grinding is always another way to go, if the game gives us a chance to do so. Lucky for us, Awakening has plenty of ways to grind your units and make all the main story battles a little less harder. Couple the grinding with a sound strategy and you may emerge victorious with very few losses.

  • Challenge Battles

Random battles is a first for the series and thanks to these you will be able to get your weaker units into shape without having to take chances in the main story missions: after completing a story mission you will be able to fight enemies on the world map by getting to their location. If there are no enemies in sight you can buy a reeking box from any shop to make a couple appear so there won’t be any shortage of good challenge fights. These battles are way more straightforward than the regular story missions: most of the times you will just have to defeat all enemies to succeed. Bring your weaker units into battle and then just go all out. These battles are usually easy and difficulty varies depending on the area the enemies appear in. Even if you’re not looking to gather some nice EXP points, you can still use the challenge battles to gather some extra money to buy items and equipments.

  • Bonus Teams

Another source for random battles, experience and money is the Bonus Teams feature: try accessing the SpotPass Bonuses menu and summon a team. These teams can be summoned over and over, providing a good strategy for grinding. You may require to meet other players with the SpotPass feature activated: if you have a friend playing the game this strategy will be quite effective since you can create ad-hoc teams for grinding.

  • DLC Battles

While these are still not available in North America, the Japanese version of the game received some extra DLC scenarios which can be replayed how many times you want. Another perfect way to grind since you already know everything about the battles you’re about to fight after completing the DLC for the first time.


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