Final Xbox Durango name is Xbox One

On Tuesday at the Xbox New Generation event, Microsoft revealed the final name and design of the new Xbox console that has been at the forefront of the next-gen conversation for the past few weeks. But it’s neither Infinity nor 720. Not even Durango, as it has also been known. Instead, Microsoft blew everyone away by going for a name that echoes the simplicity and centrally-connected nature of the console and its entertainment features. Specifically, the final name is Xbox One.

The new console features multitasking support via a new Snap interface comparable to that of Windows 8, allowing the console to play a movie while also having Internet Explorer open for information on the movie and/or its franchise history. In the demonstration, this was shown with a recent Star Trek movie along with related information such as that related to the recently-screened Star Trek: Into Darkness. There’s also Skype support, complete with group video calling via the included, improved Kinect; voice control for switching between games, movies and so forth; a confirmed 8GB of onboard RAM; three concurrent OS configurations, including the core Xbox software and onboard Windows technology; and even live television capability.

The gamepad is also improved, with impulse triggers, motion sensors and better ergonomics. SmartGlass support also carries over from the Xbox 360 to control the various functionality, and an improved Xbox Live will allow gamers and other consumers to store purchased content while also enabling the ability to share content, improve multiplayer matchmaking (even while a separate game is in progress), and game developers will be able to utilize distributed computing to improve game experiences. BluRay also comes standard as the console’s game media, and onboard storage clocks in at a total of 500GB on the built-in hard drive.

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