Final Fantasy: All The Brave Coming On iOS Tomorrow

Despite the teasing led to think differently, there was no port of Final Fantasy 5 or 6 announced for iOS. The tease at the end of the trailer for Final Fantasy IV mobile was actually a tease for a different kind of game: Final Fantasy All The Bravest was announced today and it looks like it will be a completely different game than the usual Final Fantasy Experience.

Final Fantasy All the Brave is a touch.action role playing game, using the usual Active Time Battle system in a different way: players will have to manage really big parties of up to 40 characters coming from all the Final Fantasy titles. Each enemy and playable character will have an ATB bar on top of them and once more than one has been charged, players must touch each character to make them attack together: it’s a really nice spin on the formula and it looks incredibly fun as well.

The game will also feature a lot of locations and music tracks taken from all the saga: the game will also make it easy to track what you have collected so far thanks to the three game catalogues.

Final Fantasy All The Brave will be available tomorrow on the Apple Store: for the second time, Square Enix has developed an entirely new Final Fantasy for iOS devices.

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