Fable: Anniversary Achievement Design Competition Commences, Hilarity Ensues

Fable: Anniversary Achievement Design Competition Commences, Hilarity Ensues

Lionhead studios has started a design competition for their newest and upcoming project, Fable Anniversary.

The game is set to celebrate the launch of Fable 1, with a 360 release, complete with a new coat of graphical paint and achievement list. Lionhead has started a community focused design competition, for fans to compete over creating the last achievement in the game. Needless to say, the thought of coming up with a real quirky achievement peaked my interest, and I thought of seven that would do well to satisfy players when they finally unlocked it.

My list will also feature funny pictures of Fable’s original creator, Peter Molyneux…

…because he’s a hoot.


Achievement Unlocked- Over Promising (1750 gamerscore) : Take on every boast in the game, failing to complete all of them.

Peter Molyneux bragging about how many features they had to cut from Fable 1 the day before launch.

Achievement Unlocked- Chicken Acer (1 gamerscore): Kicked every chicken in the game.

Seen Here: Peter Molyneux eating an invisible chicken.

Achievement Unlocked- So 1990′s (1974 gamerscore): Don’t spend any of your experience points, finishing the game at base skill levels.

Pete responding to questions about whether he’d improve the magic system in Fable 2.

Achievement Unlocked- Where’s Milo? (0 gamerscore): Get married to everyone in one town without having to raise a single child.

 Molyneux trying to remember if he put in the ability to have a kid in Fable 1 at the midnight launch.

Achievement Unlocked-They Grow Up So Fast (7 gamerscore): Reach The Oldest Age In Less Than 7 Hours.

Peter, seen here, bragging about how long Fable is going to be.

Achievement Unlocked- A Thousand Forests And Not A Single Acorn (1001 gamerscore): Discover All Area’s. Good Luck Finding That Acorn  Though.

Lionhead Studios team off camera, asking Peter if he’s been developing “The Real Time Acorn Tech” on the side.

Achievement Unlocked-Black & White Forever (666 gamerscore): Complete No Quests Back To Back Under The Same Alignment.

Molyneux being asked after the release of Fable 1 about what he thought about the games reception.

Achievement Unlocked- Godus (42 gamerscore): Complete Fable 1 without getting hit.

Peter Molyneux’s reaction when faced with the question “Any Plans On Fable 4″?

Well, those are some of the one’s I’ve come up with. My serious inclination is to believe that exactly 0% of them will be taken seriously, which will come as a complete surprise. If you think you’ve got any good ones, head on over to the Lionhead forums and let em know.

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