Etrian Odyssey 4 New English Gameplay Video

The Etrian Odyssey series is truly loyal to the roots of the dungeon crawler gameplay formula: the first game starting the series was released back in 2007 on Nintendo DS and features some interesting gameplay idea, like having to track your own map while traveling in dungeons with the stylus on the touch screen. For the rest the game had everything it needed to be called a dungeon crawlers: plenty of dungeons, random encounters, customizable characters with many roles available, stronger bosses at the end of each dungeon and a first person view. The game has been enjoying a good degree of popularity in the West as well, receiving 2 sequels as of now, with a third sequel coming this year in the west

Etrian Odyssey 4 was released back in Japan on July 5 2012 on Nintendo 3DS it will be coming in North America next month, on February 26: the game will feature a slew of improvements on the gameplay formula while remaining true to its dungeon crawler roots. The game will feature a sky exploration element where players will have to look for dungeons to explore in their own flying ship. Combat and dungeons exploration will be coming back revamped, with classes possessing skills which will aid in all the three aspects, not only during combat. 10 total classes will be available and a new English video for the Fortress Class.

No news on an European release: things don’t look to good since Etrian Odyssey 2 and 3 were never released there, but there’s always a chance, especially if the game does well on the North American market.


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