E3: Watch_Dog Never Fails To Impress, With New Footage At PS4 Reveal

In yet another stunning game play trailer, Watch_Dogs continues to wow gamers, with yet another captivating reveal at Sony’s E3 press conference.

Announced last year, and met with much critical praise, Watch_Dogs is an Ubisoft title that looks to tap into open world games in a new way. Aiden Pearce, techno-sabotager and main protagonist, has the high tech city of Chicago at his finger tips. Through hacking into security cameras, controlling electronics, and manipulating your advanced surroundings, you are connected to everything, and have unlimited power because of it.

The new gameplay footage for Watch_Dogs shows Aiden trying to help one of his associates T-Bone, as they make escape from a local police squadron. The demo reveals more of the unique ways the player will be able to interact with the city, and how much manipulation they can get away with.

Watch the full video here:


Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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