E3: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

The title referring to Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft of course.

A picture of Microsoft’s E3 press conference this year.

With E3 come and gone, we the gamers, are left in the electronic dust. Every year we’re treated to the successes and failures of the big three, and every year we have to pick up the pieces as we sort out what it all means. This year was no different, with Microsoft and Sony giving us a lot to bite off and chew, while Nintendo handed out hors d’oeuvres for all to enjoy.

Not as if a new Zelda game isn’t delicious, but bite sized treat non the less.

Without a proper press conference, Nintendo was self appointed second place in the grand scheme of E3 showings. Their software line-up, very normally a favorable one. Ninty doesn’t usually have a technological crutch to stand on, mind you, so their games are their bread and butter.

At other times, forgetting to give us bread with a hunk of butter.

Not to say it was all condiments and empty calories during the Nintendo Direct. With huge titles like Smash Brothers, Bayonetta, Mario Kart 8, and The Wind Waker remake to pimp, there was no shortage of very satisfying titles on display. Many will be quick to point out a lot of what Nintendo showcased looked like re-traveled territory, I can only respond with one simple question.

Can you really say no to this face?

If your answer to my last question was no, than I will meet you with a second question…

What doesn’t light your fire about the rest of these faces?

Without a proper conference, and a bizarre number of games not advertised in more robust glory during their Nintendo Direct, it’s harder to judge Nintendo on the same merits as Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo claiming a confident number two should then come as a shocking surprise to anyone paying attention, as Microsoft did have a press conference at this years E3.

Which most definitely followed their non E3 reveal.

That was a punchline, for any of you unaware. The internet can be betraying when it comes to dry sarcasm, so instead, I’ll show you an audience members reaction, who was present at both Xbox One events.

Pictured: Kaz Hirai, father of the PlayStation.

…or so I would assume.

The Microsoft E3 press conference wasn’t an entire let down, admittedly. With cooler reveals showcasing all sorts of great games. With indie stuff like Project Spark, Sunset Overdrive, and Below to look forward to, as well as huge titles like a new Halo, TitanFall, and Dead Rising 3 to taunt us with, they had a really lustful selection of software titles that promised some exclusive kinds of kick ass.

Picture Not Related.

Which is why Microsoft gets a distant third place. The games, while tempting, do nothing to quell the accusations of anti-consumerism surrounding their console. The Xbox One reveal was too detrimental to their Microsoft’s image, for E3 to possibly make a difference. A software library is only as useful as your ability to play it, and a hardware that in many cases, dictates when that can happen, is a massive turn off for any consumer in favor of choice.

Also troubling when one of the best games shown at your personal conference, isn’t even one you’ve developed, or is exclusive to your console. The Microsoft Conference filled with bleak reminders of ignored policy and painful memories of the first reveal.

Did Kojima hit us all with some fourth wall humor to open the Xbox One conference with?

Which brings me from the One, to the one who came in first.

Not Included: Giant Enemy Crabs

With Microsoft shooting themselves in the foot before the shows start, and Nintendo acting as Switzerland in the great console war for the 8th generation, Sony easily took top billing as greatest force to be reckoned with during E3 2013. To be fair, when no one else is really competing, you kind of just have to show up to get the gold medal.


It’s like Sony has a Knack for this kind of thing.

With the perfect blend of flash, flair, figures, and form, Sony’s E3 press conference hit all of the high marks. The physical reveal of the PS4 was suspensefully done (and sexy to boot), their software lineup versatile and high quality, and even their speakers had a sense of sobriety about them on stage.

Seen Here: Good Old Uncle Jack, being less than drunk at this years E3.

In past years, Sony has been known to trip right out of the gate. With faux pas and verbal follies kind of memetic for the company at this point, I enjoyed seeing the likes of Jack Tretton not only eager, but well justified in being excited about his own system. In fact, it was at Sony’s press conference that perhaps the most anticipated reveal of this years E3 took place…and it was neither a game or console to speak of.


In all of my years of watching E3 (over a decade at this point), I believe the mention of the PS4 not following suit to Microsoft’s DRM policies was one of the biggest applause I had ever heard during the event. This kind of information is the very same that helped Wii U sales to jump 800% after the first Xbox One reveal, and hung over the Microsoft press conference like an ominous Dark Cloud.

Not this one.

With Sony coming forward with this anxiously awaited information, and obvious move in gamer loyalties, I’m pretty sure the rest of their hour and a half show could have involved an interpretive dance explaining the Wonder Book, and people still would have hated Microsoft more.

Still not as painfully bad as the Xbox One reveal.

The simple notion a policy of one of the big three getting a huge crowd reaction, one of the biggest ever in fact, expresses to me gaming has grown up a little bit. With all of this back and forth about consume loyalties and failed diplomacy, I think we’ve seen the medium live a long enough life, for better or worse, to become a political affair.

Gentleman, start your ideal engines, and prepare the ideology race!

E3 represents one of the best time for gamers, and gives us a lot to enjoy and be speculative about. With this, comes the good, the bad, and the ugly. All three qualities not wholly belonging to one party or another, but often times, a very strong sentiment found through out Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft with casual observation. Some truths are too hard to ignore, and with a system so confident that the number One is in the title, it sure doesn’t feel like top dog.

With Nintendo, we got a familiar but enticing line up of games. With Microsoft, we got an attempt at trying to distract gamers from the obvious. With Sony, we got the complete package, style and substance all rolled into one. With this E3 officially over, and both Wii U and PS4 gaining ample momentum after the fact, I can only hope that Microsoft wakes up and smells the digital roses.

If Nintendo can boast software, and Sony can boast hardware, what does Microsoft possibly have left to brag about?

Go home Microsoft, and change your pants while you’re there.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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