E3: Super Mario 3D World: 4 Player Co-op, Cats Included

E3: Super Mario 3D World: 4 Player Co-op, Cats Included

A never ending torrent of new news from Nintendo at E3. Ninty’s own E3 Direct Video brought words of many interesting titles, one of which was the newly announced Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U.

Following in the footsteps of Super Mario 3D Land released last year for the 3DS, SM3W looks to continue the series, with another entry into the old school new hotness hybrid. In the trailer showcased at the Nintendo Direct, the new Mario game boasted quite a few interesting features. One of the big surprises was a new power up, coming in the form of “Cat Mario”.

In this new form, Mario looks to be more agile, and will pounce on enemies with cat like reflexes. The powerup also lends itself to wall scaling, and a sweet looking tail. Aside from the meow ability, 4 player co-op will also find it’s way to the title, harkening back to NSMB, but with a Mario Bros 2 twist. The three other plyable characters, Luigi, Toad, and Princess, will have powers similiar to their MB2 abilities, like a high jump, running faster, and the ability to float, respectively.

Check out the video in full below:

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