E3: Project X Zone Blows Us Away With Insane Cross Over Action

With E3 coming to an end, we continue to wind things up with some last looks at some of the crazier titles that got E3 trailers and new gameplay footage.

One of the bigger titles coming out for the 3ds, is Project X Zone, a collaboration RPC battle tactic cross over fighter between Capcom, Namco, and SEGA. Coming out exclusively for the 3DS, it was unknown for a little while whether the game would see a western release. E3 has reinforced the notion the game is hitting outside of Japan, and will be coming with full force when the title launches on June 25th in America, and following two weeks later in Europe and Australia.

With big names like Ryu,Chun-Li, Ulala, Akira Yuki, KOS-MOS, Yuri Lowell and more, this title’s roster is looking as ridiculous as it’s gameplay.

Take a look at the new E3 trailer:


Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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