E3: Metal Gear Solid V Kicks Off Microsoft’s Press Conference

E3: Metal Gear Solid V Kicks Off Microsoft’s Press Conference

E3 is in full swing, and what would the iconic gaming expo be, without an appearance from Hideo Kojima with a new Metal Gear Solid game in tow.

The latest game in the series, entitled Phantom Pain, continues the story of legendary soldier, Big Boss. MGS 5 looks to focus on the exploits of Snake’s father, as he gets inevitably closer to starting his infamous nation of soldiers, Outer Heaven.

In the trailer, we are treated to a wild cast of characters, both familiar and brand new. The Fox Engine looks to be in excellent form, as MGS V was one of the best looking games on the E3 show room floor thus far. Kojima has gone up and beyond, in promising not only an open world MGS, but one that has real time weather effects, a focus on realistic time passage, an intricate story, and of course the staple formula of stealth for all to enjoy.

Check the trailer out for yourself and be amazed:

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