Dress Your Tales Of Xillia Characters With The Latest DLC Cameo Costumes

Extra in-game costumes are a tradition of the Tales Of series, allowing gamers to slightly costumize the characters’ appearance.

In past Tales Of games these extra costumes were available in the game but ever since the whole DLC packs business boomed, Namco Bandai has started selling some extra costumes for its role playing game series.

A new batch of extra costumes for Tales Of Xillia is now available in both North America and Europe, with each costume costing 2.99$ / 2.99 euros.

The Tales Of Cames costumes allow you to dress the Tales Of Xillia characters like characters from past Tales Of games: Jude can dress as Leon from Tales Of Destiny, Mila as Dhaos from Tales Of Phantasia, Alvin as Kratos from Tales Of Symphonia, Elize as Mint from Tales Of Phantasia, Rowen as Barbatos from Tales Of Destiny 2 and Leia as Farah from Tales Of Eternia.

Three Idolmaster costumes have also become available for Mila, Leia and Elize.

All the extra costumes described above also change the battle music so it’s another good reason to buy some of these costumes!

Tales Of Xillia is now available in all regions on Ps3. If you want to know more about the game, you can check out our review for the game.


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