Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z Action Filled Opening Now Available

Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z is going to be one of the most successful releases of 2014. The huge character roster alone and unique gameplay options are only two of the many things the new game starring Son Goku and the rest of the gang offers to fans of the series.

Even though the game has yet to be officially released, new details on the game are constantly coming in. Together with these new details, the game’s opening animation has now been leaked.

The opening, which can be seen by going here, is an action packed sequence featuring many of the series’ main characters like Son Goku, Vegeta, Son Gohan, Trunks confronting the series’ most powerful villains like Frieza, Cell and others.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z is set to be one of the most complete Dragon Ball Z games ever released. The character roster includes not only the most popular characters of the series but also minor ones who have only appeared in the series’ movies like Broly, Cooler, Bardack and others.

Some of the missions of the game will also allow gamers to fight giant enemies like Giant Ape Vegeta and others. This will add some variety to the game, as gamers will have to change their strategy when dealing with these powerful opponents.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z will launch on PS3, Xbox 360 and PSVita next month. A playable demo version of the game is now available on PSN.

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