Dmc Vergil’s Downfall DLC New Details

All Vergil’s fans will be happy to know that they will finally be able to slice some demons using the katana Yamato in Dmc – Devil May Cry very soon. The first story DLC for the game has been announced even before the game was officially launched and today we finally know a release date for the DLC and some other new information.

Vergil’s Downfall will be officially released on March 5 in North America and on March 6 in Europe: players will be able to use Vergil and his all new moveset which includes some of the staple of the character and a few new move only available in Dmc. The DLC will also include four different difficulty levels.

No news are available on the lenght but it looks like we’re in for a few extra hours of Dmc: the DLC will feature an all new story and new locations, enemies and of course, stylish combos.

Vergil’s Downfall will be free for all players who have preordered the game: everyone else will have to pay 720 Microsoft Points or 8.99$.

Today Dmc has also been updated: the update includes a few gameplay tweaks which should increase the normal difficulty mode and the Bloody Palace mode, where Dante will have to clear over 100 floors full of demons and other hellish creatures.


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