Dmc Devil May Cry Now Available On Pc With Full 60 FPS Support

Just like it was promised, Dmc Devil May Cry is now available for Pc: the home computer version offers ome notable graphical improvements as well as an overall better performance.

One of the most controversial points of the game was the lack of 60 frames per second support for the home console versions: players felt that the action could suffer from the lack of fluid graphics but one the game was released, players’ fears were put to rest by one of the most incredible action game experience of the last years. The game looks graphically stunning as well.

Ninja Theory wanted to use the extra power available on Pc to make the game even more stunning as the Pc version supports both AMD Eyefinity technology and AMD Crossfire technology. The Pc version also runs at 60 frames per second and even more without the limit; the Xbox 360 controller is fully supported as well as other third party controllers, keyboard and mouse input. The game can also be downloaded from Steam and features Cloud saving, achievements, leaderboards and friends system.

The minimum spec required to run the game are not too high so that more players may be able to enjoy the game without problems, although with less graphical prowess.

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