Diablo 3 Director Has Left To Project, Still Working With Blizzard

Diablo 3 has been on of the biggest releases of 2013: after being in development for many years and after the many “It’s done when it’s done”, the game hit the market but it wasn’t the game a lot of players expected. Instead of refining the Diablo 2 formula, the game took an almost completely different approach with more streamlined features and a big emphasis on the online features of the game. Despite the issues, the game still managed to be one of the most successful launches ever in the industry.

Something will probably be changing in the game in the near feature as Jay Wilson, the game’s director, has left the project after working on it for more than 7 years. Wilson hasn’t left Blizzard but he’ll start working on some other projects in the future. Wilson has stated that, after working for such a long time on the same project, he needed to do something else and Blizzard has actually granted him the possibility to work on some other undisclosed Blizzard projects: he admits the decision wasn’t an easy one but he believed it was going to be the best for him.

With a new, yet to be named, game director something will surely change for Diablo III: whether the next updates will bring something entirely new or stay in the same path traced by the previous game director is something we will know in the future.


Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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