Deadly Premonition Had No Economic Success, Director’s Cut To Find Funds For Sequel.

Deadly Premonition is quite an unique title with its mix of horror and open world gameplay: the plot is really interesting thanks to the fact that it’s almost paroding the usual horror stereotypes. The game has been in development for over 6 years and once released, it didn’t bring any economic advantage to the team or its head Hidetaka Suehiro.

While the game is by no means selling badly, Suehiro states in a interview with Polygon that the game didn’t bring any kind of economic success. This is mainly the reason behind the decision to develop a director’s cut version of the game: if this version of Deadly Premonition is successful enough, it means that there will be a good chance for a sequel. With the original game getting both bad and good reviews, it will be mostly up to some really focused promotional work to see the game succeed on the market.

When asked about the potential sequel, Suehiro states that the game will have his own trademark in it, citing how all great directors like Sam Raimi, to make an example, have worked on a lot of different things but still managed to leave a certain something which made that work theirs.

Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut will be released on Ps3 later this year, published by Rising Star Game.


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