Deadly Premonition Director’s Cut Could Be Coming On Xbox 360

Deadly Premonition was released back in 2010 on Xbox 360, almost three years ago, and has managed to gather quite a following, making the game one of the cult hits of the generation: the game, developed by Access Games and published by Ignition Entertainment in North America, is a survival horror game sporting some nice twists, like the open world gameplay formula, a free roaming storyline and a comedy horror theme, a first at the time for console gaming. Among the gameplay features are the possibility to fully explore a big city, taking quests and completing them, a day-night cycle influencing which areas and shops of the city are available and many combat sequences.

The game was released in the West as a Xbox 360 exclusive, with the Ps3 version available on in Japan. This situation will soon change as in March a new updated version of the game will be released in North America and Europe simply called Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut featuring a lot of extra additions, Ps Move Support, downloadable contents and an additional storyline.

The Director’s Cut version has been rumored to be released on Xbox 360 as well but today we have some news regarding the matter: a Xbox 360 release could be happening but it’s highly unlikely as things stand right now. The game’s producer states that the game is still selling nicely on Microsoft’s console and so there’s no real need to release the Director’s Cut. When asked if demand was the issue, Kawazawa san admitted that, if demand was high enough, they would definitely consider the release.


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