Dead Space 4 Cancellation Rumors Are False

Dead Space 4 Cancellation Rumors Are False

This morning some rumors were flying around stating that Electronic Arts was going to end the Dead Space series with the third game, release a bit more than a month ago. The game has been selling decently but quite below expectations: apparently EA had decided to close down Visceral Games and can Dead Space 4 which was already in the pre-production phase, with a separate team working in Montreal on prototypes and plot ideas.

With all this talk about the series ending with Dead Space 3, Electronic Arts has decided to clarify everything about the series: the publisher still hasn’t talked about the sales of the game and so they could have never stated that they have been disappoint. The publisher also added that the Dead Space franchise is currently one of the most important properties of Electronic Arts.

It’s not a clear statement, but at least the company is well aware that gamers are looking for answers regarding the situation. Still, the destiny of the Dead Space franchise is still unknown.

Dead Space 3 is currently available on Ps3, Pc and Xbox 360: the game stirred a bit of controversy for the inclusion of microtransactions ¬†during the main campaign, something that players didn’t really welcome.

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