Dead Rising 3’s Map Revealed, Will Make Zombie Slayers Smile

Dead Rising 3 is shaping up to be the next gen title to grab, when the Xbox One finally launches on November 22nd. Our extensive coverage of the game thus far has had me excited from moment one, as DR3 looks every bit ridiculous as the previous titles.

A new look at Dead Rising 3, over on Post Arcade, gives us a well spring of new information, including a look at the sizable map area of Los Perdidos. The map in question, seen above, is easily four times the size of both DR1 and DR2 combined…and then some. Couple with the promise of a true open world devoid of load screens, and you have a zombie slaying adventure worthy of your launch time.

Post Arcade dives deeper into Dead Rising 3 than just map details, and gives us a glimpse at a few other juicy details of Capcom’s latest zombie arcade title. We’ve known that the weapon building and synthesis system is alive and well in Dead Rising 3. Nick is taking up after Chuck’s way of zombie killing, in being able to combine weapons to make wield-able WMD’s. The system has been given an overhaul to be even more ridiculous, and extending to a mass array of vehicle customization as well. One prime example of this ridiculous awesome, is the combination of a steam roller and a motorcycle, lovingly dubbed “the roller hawg”.

The inside look at the game is very interesting, and definitely worth your time if you have a moment. Post Arcade talks about a great deal of elements of the game beyond the sizable map, and is even given the low down on some new psychopaths, and is even given a lead on how some of the co-op in DR3 will function.

The Xbox One launch is looking better every day.

(Via Post Arcade)

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