David Cox:” A Contra Reboot Would Change The Shooter Genre”

David Cox has really been on a roll these days with interviews with a lot of webzines: Mercury Steam’s head mostly talked about the upcoming Castlevania games but he also spoke about a few things outside the franchise, like what’s in the future of the team and a few other classic game series he would like to work on.

In a recent interview with Gamerfitnation, David Cox was asked about what classic franchise he would like to work on and he answered with the Contra series: he stated that it’s a series that doesn’t have a big following nowadays but a new Contra game, if done right, would have the potential to redefine the shooter genre. The series has kinda faded due to some poor newer entries and Konami pretty much abandoning a lot of classic franchises which could do great if properly developed.

With Cos saying a few days ago that he wanted to move beyond Castlevania after Lords Of Shadow 2 gets release, this could mean that Mercury Steam may bring another great revival for the Contra series, if Konami want to do so. Things however don’t look too hot for the franchise: unlike Castlevania, there hasn’t been a good release for quite some time and as stated before the Contra series is not as famous as the Castlevania one these days.

Source Gamerfitnation.com

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