Creator Of Kingdom Hearts, Tetsuya Nomura, Chimes In On Latest KH3 Trailer

Kingdom Hearts 3 has been a long time coming, with fans waiting almost a decade to finally hear of it’s official announcement. The newest gamplay trailer, released at a Japanese expo in the past two weeks, was finally commented on by series creator, Tetsuya Nomura, in a recent interview with Famitsu.

Nomura shared some thoughts on what he basically described almost alpha like footage in terms of progress, and how much more refinement the game will see before release:

 ”Also, this is the first time that KH3 was shown using in-engine footage, but it’s not in a condition where viewers can fully grasp it. We’re going to improve the quality much more still after this. In the trailer you see 3 of Sora’s new moves, and they demonstrate the 2 attack systems, the first being Keyblade transformation. The Keyblade transformation is different for each Keyblade, and the battle style changes as well.”

Tetsuya also commented on some of the other game play mechanics, including the Disney attraction inspired attack, which Nomura refers to as “Flowmotion”:

“The second is the Disney attraction inspired Attraction Flow. Attraction Flow is an evolution of Kingdom Hearts 3D’s Flowmotion. With Attraction Flow, you can choose which move you want to use against which enemies on the spot, and even during an enemy outbreak you control Sora’s attacks. These new actions are just a fraction of Kingdom Hearts 3′s new components, so please wait for information hereafter.”

KH3 has been a long time coming, and it may be a long time yet before we finally hear about an official launch date. Still, what we’ve seen so far is enticing, and no doubt a release that will continue to receive major fan fare, as time marches on.


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