Console Days Are Coming To An End, Says Richard Garriott

Richard Garriott is definitely not a newcomer of the gaming industry, having created one of the most successful role playing game series ever: Ultima. The game designer is currently working on the spiritual successor of the series called Shroud Of The Avatar, launching a Kikctstarter to try to fund the game’s release.

In a recent interview with Edge, Garriott shares its views on the console market, noticing how the gaming market is rapidly changing: it’s changing so much that console will probably become useless in the near future.

Garriott notices how tablets have become powerful and how television sets are already connected to the internet, asking himself what’s the need of a console. All players require is a mean to control the game: he thinks it will be interesting what console makers will come up with to keep their reason to exist.

This holds even more true considering how digital stores and cloud gaming platforms allow access to a lot of software from any compatible device: it’s all about streamlining the gaming experience and the more digital stores and cloud platform evolve the more consoles will become useless.

Garriott feels like the way Valve is handling Steam is the right way to go and he doesn’t really see the purpose of a Steam Box: the digital store can already be accessed from PC and there are already plenty of ways to stream PC contents to the TV. Gamers want things to be streamlined and consoles will probably be the first thing to go.

Source: Edge

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