Castlevania: Mirror Of Fate First Review Available

One of the major March 3DS releases if Castlevania: Mirror Of Fate, the second game in the Lords Of Shadow reboot series developed by Mercury Steam. Unlike the home console game, the 3DS game features some interesting gameplay ideas, inserted into the classic 2D gameplay of the series but full 3D graphics. The gameplay experience won’t be limited to the 2D plane but will switch to 3D during specific events, like boss battles.

Given the quality of Lords Of Shadow, there was a lot of anticipation behind this game: the first review is in and it looks like the game is indeed a quality product.

The Spanish Magazine Hobby Consolas has reviewed the game and given the game a 93% score. Unfortunately we don’t know the details of the review yet but we’re sure that some new details will be available in the following hours.

The Game’s Producer David Cox has also spoken about the game this morning regarding the supposed game length issue. Apparently he acknowledges that the game can be completed in only 9 hours but a regular playthrough with full exploration and 100% completion rate may take well over 16 hours. It’s a good game length and completely in line with the other portable entries of the series.

Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow – Mirror Of Fate will launch during March exclusively on 3DS in North America and Europe.


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