Castlevania: Lords Of Shadows – Mirror Of Fate New Details

Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow – Mirror Of Fate is the 3DS entry of the new Castlevania course, following the Castlevania reboot released almost 2 years ago on Ps3 and Xbox 360, detailing the origins of the battle between the Vampire Hunter family Belmont and the Lord Of All Vampire, Count Dracula. The game will sport fully 3D graphics couples with a gameplay experience closer to the latest 2D entry of the series, released on Nintendo DS in the past years.

The series producer, Dave Cox, has recently given some details on the gaame, stating that the game will be 16 hours long: as always you have to consider these as rough estimates since he could be meaning 16 hours to 100% the game, even though Mr. Cos states that to fully complete the game you will need more than 16 hours. Players who like to rush through their games will probably take even less to complete the game.

Completing the game to 100% will have a nice bonus: Cox has confirmed the game will be receiving an extra secret ending, just like in Lords Of Shadow.

Lords Of Shadow – Mirror Of Fate will be released this March in North America and Europe exclusively on Nintendo 3DS: some time before release the game will be receiving a special demo version, downloadable from the eShop.


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