Capcom Working On New Next Gen IPs

The Playstation 4 Console is finally a reality and developers have been working on games and projects for a few months before the reveal. A few third parties were present at the Playstation Meeting Event, supporting the upcoming console with some interesting projects.

Quite surprisingly, Capcom was present as well, revealing a trailer for a yet to be named game which is rumored to be the sequel to the action role playing game Dragon’s Dogma.

Capcom has confirmed that this new game is currently being developed by Deep Down an it will feature an all new graphical engine. The game’s producer Yoshinori Ono has stated that Capcom is going to do things differently for the next gen: producing only Resident Evil and Street Fighter titles would really really costrict the company, making the studios produce games which are expected and not too surprising.

Producing new properties will allow Capcom to be free of consumers’ expectations and at the same time show what the new consoles can really do: without the boundaries set by existing IPs, Capcom can really go all out with new ideas so that players will be surprised not only by the graphical quality of its Ps4 games but also by innovative gameplay ideas.

Ono’s statements aren’t exactly surprising: other Capcom representatives have stated in the past week that the company desired to focus on new properties as well as supporting the most successful company’s franchises.


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