Capcom At Comic Con Teases Trailer For New Strider Series, Retro Gamers Rejoice

Comic Con isn’t just about comics anymore. Though the event is the premier in graphic novels and super heroes the world over, cross-media contamination is all but guaranteed. Capcom knows this better than anyone, regularly injecting a whole breed of super heroes into their games, and their own video game characters into comic books. Needless to say, Capcom’s attendance at thew San Diego comic con was bound to bring good news to both realms, and today we got at least one great example of this.

A new Strider game.

The name probably only rings a bell to arcade goers and retro gamers, as the main character hasn’t appeared in a game from his own series in over a decade. The originals featured fast paced 2D action, and an awesome ninja named Strider, who did things like fly through the air and destroys robotic panthers. In the new reboot, he looks to be doing about the same thing, except in HD.

The brief trailer showed off the same kind of 2D action, with a more polished edge, sharp looking visuals, and the same over the top universe Strider has been known for. The trailer advertises “traversing a boundless world”, which may suggest this new Strider game may take a Metroidvania approach to the design. This may entail a larger  over world hub, with many branching paths filled to the brim with secrets.

Whether it be through action or exploration, I’m already excited seeing what I believe to be a sorely under utilized franchise.   Strider is being developed by Double Helix (PS3, 360, PS4, Xbox One, and PC), and is slated for 2014.

Take a look at the trailer below:


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