Bungie Day: Celebrate Bungie’s Self-Made Holiday With Some Halo Love

Bungie Day: Celebrate Bungie’s Self-Made Holiday With Some Halo Love

Gaming is chalk full of traditions. Whether it be the big stuff, like showing up to a midnight launch for your favorite game, or the small stuff, like tea bagging a downed opponent. You can expect gamers devoting themselves to nostalgia or bias on any given day. Today, if you’re a Bungie or Halo fan, you may be ready to celebrate a tradition of your own.

As today marks one more in a long line of Bungie Days.

A holiday that started in 2007, it was Bungie’s way of saying thank you to the fans. They did this through a number of ways, like exclusive goodies or game announcements that were quite a treat at the time. Bungie also encouraged everyone who’s anyone to enjoy them a flag capturing good time of Halo.

Well, Bungie Day has come around,  and once more we are reminded of how Bungie has helped to change gaming with their own brand of video game awesomeness.

While it may be true that Halo now falls under the duties of 343 Industries, that doesn’t mean we are so soon to forget the decade long contribution Bungie made to the franchise. A special interview with the creator of Halo, Jason Jones, sees the Bungie mastermind regale gamers with stories about the original Halo, and the legendary power of the Halo 1 pistol.

The interview is a three parter, so expect the next two parts of the interview in the days to come. This years Bungie Day is of a slightly different nature, as the event has stretched into a week long affair. “Bungie Day” week technically started on the 2nd, with Bungie revealing and announcing a whole host of top notch swag and goodies for any fans of their studios.

You can find the Bungie Day Hub here. Bungie Day week is promised to go for the next few days, but the 7th is really the day that matters most (according to Bungie’s world domination policy, that is).

So, if you are a fan of console shooters, the crazy that is Bungie, or just the work that Master Chief has done, rejoice! Since Destiny is extraordinarily not out yet, you can celebrate Bungie’s past while waiting for their future. Go play a couple games of your favorite Halo, and think happy thoughts as you wait impatiently for Bungie’s next attempt at conquering the world, when Destiny finally launches…later this year?

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Happy Bung7e Day!

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