Breath Of Fire 3 Could Hit PSN In North America In The Near Future

Breath Of Fire 3 is considered as one of the best Japanese Role Playing Game ever released and the finest entry of the series. The game was originally released on the first Playstation console before seeing a straight port on Psp in both Europe and Japan. The game is also available as a digital release but only in Europe and Japan.

After all these years there may be a chance for the game to be available in North America: SCEA rules for PsP games prevented straight ports to be released so the Psp release was out of the question: at the same time the game is not available as a Ps1 Classic because the game went against some ESRB regulation and missing some trademarks.

Christian Svensson replied to a recent post on the Capcom Unity forums stating that he’s looking for a way to get the game released in North America and so far it looks like the Psp port is the strongest candidate for release: Ps1 classics must be released without any kind of alteration and this automatically puts this version out of the question.

Svensson also adds that while talk is going on, there won’t be talk of a possible release for several months, so don’t hold your breath. The PSP is region free so if you want to get the game you may want to consider importing the European version of the game, fully translated into English.


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