Batman: Arkham Origins New Story and Bosses Details

Batman: Arkham Origins is going to be the first game of the Arkham series not being developed by Rocksteady. This isn’t going to be the only different thing about the game: Batman himself will be pretty different from the hero we all know. With the game set in the past, developers will try to make this younger Batman an “unfinished version” of the hero roaming the streets and the skies of Gotham City.

According to Warner Bros Games Senior Producer Ben Mattes, the Batman found in Arkham Origins can be considered as a Batman 0.9, unlike Batman in Arkham City where he’s a well formed hero and part of the whole institution that is Gotham City. The younger Batman present in this game will be more like a mythical figure, something that people can’t quite understand but know is out there thanks to his deeds.

One of the biggest complaints on the two already available Arkham games are the boss battles. Apparently each boss in Arkham Origins is going to be pretty unique and will require different strategies to be defeated.

Batman: Arkham Origins will be released later in October on Ps3, Xbox 360, Pc, Wii U


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