Animal Crossing: New Leaf Dated for US and Europe

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Dated for US and Europe

Nintendo has just announced that the highly anticipated 3DS life sim game, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, has been given a release date of June 9 in the US and June 14 in Europe. It will be available both at retail and from the 3DS’ Nintendo eShop upon its western release.

The game is still absolutely dominating in Japan, selling over 2.5 million sales shifting millions of 3DS systems like its nobody’s business.

Recently the game topped the popular hack and slash reboot DmC: Devil May Cry in Japanese sales charts, and even surpassed the might of Black Ops 2 when it released.

There is a brand new English trailer to celebrate, showing off some of the gameplay. It shows the new swimming and diving mechanic, the new city, customising your town as well as the usual fishing, fossil-digging and furniture collecting shenanigans.

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In this game, you take the role of the mayor the town. You are in charge of running it and deciding where to place objects and bridges.

Satoru Iwata has recently claimed that he believes that the game’s success is thanks to the popularity of smartphones among the general consumer market. Iwata also talked about how New Leaf learned from the mistakes of its Wii predecessor, City Folk.

[Source: Nintendo Direct via Explosion]

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