Analysts Say That Next Gen Consoles Will Be Price Over 400$

All gamers seem to be eagerly waiting for the next gen often forgetting that the price of these console will eventually make them a sound success or a total failure. According to the analyst group Baird Equity the next gen consoles will be quite pricey, with prices around 400$.

If you remember the release prices of both the Ps3 and Xbox 360 you’ll notice how things may even be better than before: the Playstation 3 costed 499 and 500 dollars for the 30Gb and 60Gb models respectively and the Xbox 360 most expensive pack was available for even less than 400$, 399$ to be precise.

The reason why costs will be kept relatively low is because both Sony and Microsoft have developed their consoles following a Pc architecture, by using components already available on the market. A Pc architecture will also allow developers to use a good chunk of the consoles’ power right from the start. At the same time, both consoles will use this Pc architecture to power up their online systems and media capabilities. There’s more than one reason for this choice, apparently: the critical economical situation may also affect the Gaming Industry and both companies don’t feel the need to create some revolutionary hardware. Most innovations will come from peripherals and the evolution of the Ps Move and Kinect motion controllers.

Just like many other rumors state, both consoles will be officially unveiled at this year E3

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