All Skyrim’s DLC Coming To the Playstation 3 Version In February

Skyrim Ps3 players had to wait a long time for them, at times even losing hope to see all the downloadable extra content on their consoles, but now the wait is finally over: as confirmed on the official Playstation Blog, all the DLCs released for Skyrim will be available. The game will receive a special 1.8 title update to get the game ready for the contents: the update will launch just before the release of the latest DLC Dragonborn.

The Playstation 3 version is finally reaching the other versions, as far as content is concerned: ever since the game’s release, Skyrim has been plagued by a lot of bugs and glitches, making the game almost unplayable at times. In the beginning it looked like the game couldn’t be patched at all and even getting the downloadable content on the console was going to be something really hard to do. During the last months, however, Bethesda has been hinting that things were quickly changing and now we finally have a real confirmation that all the problems were solved and that the DLC will indeed be coming.

The Dragonborn DLC will add many things to the game, the island of Solstheim as a new area to explore, new powers, new dungeons, enemies, weapons and more. The other DLCs also added some notable features, like the possibility to build your own home in your own land in Hearthfire and even more new dungeons and monsters not present in the main game.

As a way to apologize for the long wait, all the Skyrim DLCs will be available with a 50% off their regular price! A precise release date still hasn’t been confirmed, excpet for the fact that all the content will be available in February.


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