Aliens: Colonial Marines To Receive Its First DLC Pack In March

Aliens: Colonial Marines To Receive Its First DLC Pack In March

The Alien franchise has all the elements required to create some great tie in games with the movies: a tense storyline, guns, flamethrowers and most of all big bad aliens. A lot of games have been indeed released for the franchise: platform games, fighting games and first person shooter. Alien: Colonial Marines is only the latest Alien themed game: the game is being developed by Gearbox, Borderlands developers, and it will be a completely different take on the first person shooting genre than Borderlands.

The game will be launching in a few days, on February 12 on Ps3, Pc and Xbox 360, and Sega, who’s going to publish the game on all platforms, has already announced that the game will receive a lot of DLC packs, with the first one already planned for the first days of March. Called Big Hunt, the downloadable content will include an all new cooperative mode into the game: while the game was thought to be played solo, this new mode will allow a completely different experience, coupled with the plain fun of playing the game with another games.

The Big Hunt DLC won’t be the only one getting released for the game: there will be other three other packs which will all be released by the end of August.

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