The Room Getting Sequel, Android Port

iOS puzzle game The Room is getting a sequel this fall, developer Fireproof Games announced on Twitter. “#2: The Room 2 will be coming out in the Autumn! A new, more spectacular setting to continue the story.” There will also be a free chapter coming to The Room in the summer that will lead into the game’s sequel.

They also announced an Android version of The Room is in the works and should be released in the Summer. “We’ll be releasing an Android version of The Room, which will be out by the end of the summer!”

Fireproof Games are very proud to bring you our greatest creation, a mind-bending journey filled with beauty, peril and mystery in equal measure. Be transported into a unique space that blends spellbinding visuals with intriguing problems to solve.

* Unsettlingly realistic graphics: The most natural looking visuals ever seen on a mobile device.

* Spine-tingling single finger controls: touch controls so natural you can play with one digit, to fully navigate this mysteriously beautiful 3D world.

* Fantastical pick-up-and-play design: Easy to start, hard to put down, the secrets of The Room will immerse you before you even know you’re playing.

* Compelling layers of mystery: think you know what you’re looking at? Think again.

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