Frozen Synapse Coming to iPad in May

Frozen Synapse, the tactical game from Mode 7 is going to be available on the iPad in May. An Android port is also planned afterwards, though no exact date has been given. Joint Managing Director Paul Taylor has told Joystiq that the price point will be “competitive” and that cross-play between iOS, Android and PC will be available.


Just a quick note from us here at Mode 7 to let you know that Frozen Synapse iPad will be released in May.

We can now announce that a version for Android tablets will hopefully follow shortly after.

Video of the current build:

We’re now at a point where we’re happy with the interface bar a couple of tweaks. We are working hard to track down bugs in advance of the final beta test; this is precisely as horrendous as it sounds.

It has been a challenge condensing such a complex interface into a form that makes it viable on tablets. However, the major attractions for many people – like zooming around the map with pinch-to-zoom and dragging waypoints around with a fingertip – are all present and correct.

It’s an exciting way to play the game and we hope it’ll introduce Frozen Synapse to a whole new audience.

The desktop versions continue to sell well, even though the game is nearly two years old. We’re particularly grateful to Valve for innovations like Steam Linux and their continual efforts to promote a wide selection of games across their catalogue on Steam.

No confirmed price as yet but we’re looking to make this competitive.

Cross-platform play between iOS, Android and desktop versions is definitely happening; the Red DLC will be available as well. You will be able to start matches on one device, then take your subsequent turns on any other device.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions.


Paul Taylor

Joint Managing Director

Mode 7

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