CyberConnect2 Releases Shadow Escaper for iOS

Naruto and Asura’s Wrath developer CyberConnect2 has released its first smartphone game called Shadow Escaper for iOS. The game looks similar to Temple Run and is said to be coming to Android soon as well. The game lets you control a “Night Dweller” demon who must escape from attacking angels. The game is free to play and features micro-transactions in the form of an item shop.

FUKUOKA, Japan., 18th February, 2013, CyberConnect2 Co., Ltd., a Japanese video game developer based in Fukuoka, Japan, today announced that their first Action game for smartphones “Shadow Escaper” will be released on 18th February 2013 in U.S. , Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden, and Australia in cooperation with GREE.
“Shadow Escaper” is an Action game for smartphones that provides the player with beautiful graphics that defy conventional wisdom of mobile games and intense action with simple and intuitive Tap, Swipe, Tilt controls.
Daytime escape. Midnight revenge.
They are night dwellers. Daytime fugitives, escaping from the light.
The user plays as a fugitive “Night dweller” who continues running from the approaching Angel Army while dodging the obstacles in their path. In the “Daytime” you select your route and escape from the pursuers, then in the “Nighttime” the player can fight back against the angels by unleashing the “Energy” collected during the “Daytime”. Repeating these actions players can compete on a leaderboard with their score and the number of days survived.
This is a free-to-play (with purchasable items) app that provides the feel of a real game with simple controls. Now, from a company that has accumulated many achievements as a game development studio, CyberConnect2 is proposing a new style of gameplay for your smartphone!

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