Zombi U Junction Boxes Location Guide

Knowing your surrounding in of the utmost importance in Zombie U: given how very little ammo is available in the game, it’s important to know how to escape zombies and especially know where you’re going. The Junction Boxes are spread on the game’s locations and once scanned with the Prepper Pad they’ll reveal the full map of the location they’re in. If you don’t know where they are, just keep reading to know the exact location of all the Junction Boxes available in the game

  • Brick Lane Markets 1

This Junction Box is around Hanbury Green and Market Screen: look for all the telephone booths in the area to find the Box, which is near one of the booths.

  • Brick Lane Markets 2

This Junction Box is inside the Supermarket: head down the basement, where the Storage Area is and you’ll find it on one of the walls.

  • Victoria Memorial 1

This Junction Box can be found in the Green Park area: near a blocked storage drain you’ll find the box. Be careful though since there are many drains in the area but only the one that can’t be passed is the right one.

  • Victoria Memorial 2

This Junction Box is in the Palace Gates area: when reaching the exit just head left and you’ll find it inside the control room. You’ll also find a new weapon.

  • Victoria Memorial 3

This Junction Box is located in the Sewers area: the box is in the room with the pump. By searching the room you’ll notice a chain link fence, with the box nearby. Scan and you’ll be set.

  • Buckingham Palace 1

This one is pretty hard to miss: it’s right above the entrance of one of the offices.

  • Buckingham Palace 2

This Junction Box is inside the Kitchens area: it’s inside the locked storage room, the one requiring the keypad input.

  • Brick Lane Flats

This Junction Box is on the fifth floor in the storage area in Ron Freedman’s Flat.

  • Tower Of London 1

This one is pretty easy to find: it’s pretty visibile in the Tower Pier.

  • Tower Of London 2

This junction box is inside one of the dungeon chambers: it’s pretty hard to miss if you look around.

  • Quarker Park

This junction box is close to the jammers right after opening the blocked keycard door.

  • Shoredicth Petrol Station

Pretty easy to find: check the area around the car with the British Flag.

  • Darwin Yard

This junction box is inside a random container found near a locked door in the Baconfields.

  • Brick Lane Community Nursery

There’s a room in the basement with a vent: get through it to get into a room with the box inside it.

  • St. George’s Church

The last junction box is found near the zombie in the armchair: just look around you carefully and you’ll find it without any trouble.

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