Tomb Raider Upgrades Guide: Bow Upgrades – Rope Arrow/Fire Arrow

During your journey trough the Island trying to survive is one of the most important things to do. In Tomb Raider you will have plenty of ways to improve your performance, making surviving the harsh environment easier than it looks like. We have already covered pretty much all the skills that Lara can learn by acquiring some experience points by doing a lot of different actions like gathering loot from the ground and from dead animal bodies, fighting enemies and so on. While all skills may not be too useful in the beginning, unlocking and mastering all of them will bring you some important advantages. Together with the skill system, you will also be able to improve your gear and weapons by finding spare parts for the four weapons in your possession: Bow, Hand, Rifle and Shotgun. Some of the extra parts will be available as part of the story while others need to be found and are completely optional. Each new part comes with a salvage cost so think carefully before buying one of the upgrades: at the same time there’s enough salvage to purchase all the upgrades but you will have to find all crates, hunt all animals in each area and loot as much as possible. Just make sure to buy the upgrades you really need in a specific moment. In this guide we will cover all the possible weapons upgrade starting with the Bow and then moving on the other three weapons.

  • Bow Upgrades

Bow Upgrades are unlocked during the course of the game. Opening salvage boxes and looting enemies will make you find bow parts. Unfortunately there’s no set location for these parts since they’ll be found randomly in specific areas in specific points of the story.

Rope Arrow

The Rope Arrow is a tool coming with infinite ammo: with this you will be able to pull on rope-tied targets and doors and even hook enemies and drag them off platforms. This upgrade doesn’t require any Salvage points

Fire Arrow

The Fire Arrow upgrade changes your regular arrows into fire arrows. While these special arrows are not as strong as regular ones, this fire arrows will ignite any inflammable substance or material and they’re required to complete some of the puzzles found in the optional tombs. There’s no Salvage cost to acquire this update since it’s obtained as part of the story.


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