Tomb Raider Starter Tips: Survival Instincts

The new Tomb Raider game is quite different from the past entry of the series: the game requires a lot of skill to survive the harsh environments of the island and the tricky puzzles found in the temple. While the game is not overly difficult, there are some elements new to the series that players need to know if they want to play the game right and enjoy the game to the fullest. Tomb Raider clearly stresses out the survival aspect of the new Lara Croft adventure and we’ll be going over some basic tips to guide you in the wilderness of the jungle and survive all the dangers. Most of these tips will help you in reading the environment better, as well as improving your combat skills. As already stated, Tomb Raider requires quite a bit of skill during all moments of the game so knowing everything about your basic actions can make you go a long way. After we’re done with the basics of the game, we will be delving deeper withing the game, also covering in details all the skills that Lara can learn during the course of the game: managing these skills is fundamental in surviving the huge jungle and conquering the game.

  • Survival Instincts

By playing the game you’ll realize how important the Survival Instics are: by using them you will be able to find a lot of interest points near your location, including animals, marked with the yellow color, and enemies, marked with the red color. Since you can use this skill whenever you want it’s a good thing to keep using it when you move in a new area: the way the blue color appears on the screen indicates the distance between you and each animal/target: it’s the true radar of the game. Make sure you use the Instincts while on land, since the effect lasts around a second if used while in water. This skill also marks dead bodies you haven’t checked, areas that can be explored with the appropriate gear and even show the path in dark areas. It’s essential that you master the usage of this skill since it’s going to save your hide more than once: if you’re also looking to fully explore the island you will need this since some areas can be quite tricky to find without some guidance.


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