Tomb Raider Starter Tips: Relics

The new Tomb Raider game is quite different from the past entry of the series: the game requires a lot of skill to survive the harsh environments of the island and the tricky puzzles found in the temple. While the game is not overly difficult, there are some elements new to the series that players need to know if they want to play the game right and enjoy the game to the fullest. Tomb Raider clearly stresses out the survival aspect of the new Lara Croft adventure and we’ll be going over some basic tips to guide you in the wilderness of the jungle and survive all the dangers. Most of these tips will help you in reading the environment better, as well as improving your combat skills. As already stated, Tomb Raider requires quite a bit of skill during all moments of the game so knowing everything about your basic actions can make you go a long way. After we’re done with the basics of the game, we will be delving deeper withing the game, also covering in details all the skills that Lara can learn during the course of the game: managing these skills is fundamental in surviving the huge jungle and conquering the game.

  • Relics

During the game you will come across some relics, which can be found in a lot of locations: for most players relics are just a mean to reach 100% completition for the game but that’s not the only thing relics can be used for. If you go inside the game’s menu you’ll notice that you can check these relics out, rotate them and zoom them. For a few relics there’s nothing to do other than check them out but for a few others there are secrets to uncover. A lot of relics, once examined, will change and at times even yield secret items: most of the times you’ll just witness some cosmetic changes.

To know which relics hold secrets just open them up in the menu and keep checking: the pad will vibrate as you get closer to points of interest. Get on the right area and you’ll get some extra information on the relic and even extra experience points. As already stated, you may be able to also get some extra items so there’s really no reason to be lazy and not check out the collected relics: you may be nicely surprised.


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