Tomb Raider Starter Tips: Fights

The new Tomb Raider game is quite different from the past entry of the series: the game requires a lot of skill to survive the harsh environments of the island and the tricky puzzles found in the temple. While the game is not overly difficult, there are some elements new to the series that players need to know if they want to play the game right and enjoy the game to the fullest. Tomb Raider clearly stresses out the survival aspect of the new Lara Croft adventure and we’ll be going over some basic tips to guide you in the wilderness of the jungle and survive all the dangers. Most of these tips will help you in reading the environment better, as well as improving your combat skills. As already stated, Tomb Raider requires quite a bit of skill during all moments of the game so knowing everything about your basic actions can make you go a long way. After we’re done with the basics of the game, we will be delving deeper withing the game, also covering in details all the skills that Lara can learn during the course of the game: managing these skills is fundamental in surviving the huge jungle and conquering the game.


  • Fights

There are two different combat situations in the game: long range and melee. As soon as you come close to some enemies, Lara will automatically crouch and take cover behind any available object by getting close to them. It’s important to always be on the move once you shoot an arrow to the enemies: they’ll know your location and start getting closer to you. To move quickly just double tap the O/B button to roll and get behind a different object. When shooting always go for the head: headshots obviously are a guaranteed kill. You better get used to headshotting enemies during the first parts of the game since you’ll encounter armored enemies later on and it’s going to take way too much arrows to kill them normally. During melee battles you will be able to defeat enemies with easy by using a simple trick: if an enemy is approaching you and manages to attack, simply dodge the first strike to automatically lock on to them, making counter attacking easy. For this reason you better start improving those combat skills. Once Lara exists her combat stance you can be sure that there are no more enemies in the vicinity.


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