Tomb Raider Starter Tips: Challenges

The new Tomb Raider game is quite different from the past entry of the series: the game requires a lot of skill to survive the harsh environments of the island and the tricky puzzles found in the temple. While the game is not overly difficult, there are some elements new to the series that players need to know if they want to play the game right and enjoy the game to the fullest. Tomb Raider clearly stresses out the survival aspect of the new Lara Croft adventure and we’ll be going over some basic tips to guide you in the wilderness of the jungle and survive all the dangers. Most of these tips will help you in reading the environment better, as well as improving your combat skills. As already stated, Tomb Raider requires quite a bit of skill during all moments of the game so knowing everything about your basic actions can make you go a long way. After we’re done with the basics of the game, we will be delving deeper withing the game, also covering in details all the skills that Lara can learn during the course of the game: managing these skills is fundamental in surviving the huge jungle and conquering the game.

  • Challenges

Completing challenges in the game early will allow you to get more familiar with the game’s mechanics in non combat situations, especially when we’re talking about the hunting challenges. Completing both Hunting and Combat challenges will also net you some extra XP which is never bad to get. Most of the challenges are pretty straightforward like kill and skin a ser number of animals or perform specific battle actions like pushing enemies off ledges a set amount of time.

You can also choose to do all of them once the main story has ended but you will end up loosing the advantage of extra XP. And, to be honest, I find out more tedious to do all the challenges together, since searching for the right animal for a hunting challenge could be quite tedious.

The best location to find animals is Summit Forest, where all the three types of animals can be found. For Combat challenges you will be able to find enemies in Mountain Village, Shantytown and Shipwreck Beach: enemies will keep spawning in these locations so use this to your advantage.


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