Tomb Raider Skills Guide: Pistol Expert

Among the new additions to the Tomb Raider gameplay formula is skill management. In this game Lara posses three different types of skills, related to the three main aspects of the game: surviving, hunting and fighting. The skills are really diverse and all serve a certain, useful purpose: leveling them up will be bring some good advantages whenever you level them up. In the end it all depends on your playstyle: some gamers may be better and uncovering treasures and areas or discovering enemies while some other may be better in the combat sequences of the game. You can improve these skills to improve your abilities in your best field or get some help in some other field where you are not so good. We’re not talking about role playing game level of customization but having a choice is better than having none at all! The inclusion of skills also makes the gameplay experience somewhat deeper. To improve your skills you’ll have to fill Lara’s experience shield, obtaining a single skill point used to improve unlocked skills or unlocking new skills. You will have to invest 7 skill points in rookie skills to unlock the higher tier; to unlock the final tier, seven more points must be used. Get as much experience as you can and you will be able to unlock most skills in the game as soon as possible.

  • Hunter Skills

Pistol Expert

Pistol Expert is, quite unsurprisingly, an expert skill which allow Lara to finish off a stunned enemy with a special move one the handgun is equipped. By itself, the skill is not too useful: the special animation may be cool to watch but it won’t give you any kind of advantage. However if you use this skill together with the Accomplished Killer and Dodge Counter skills, you will be able to earn an experience bonus. However the bonus is nothing major so you may want to wait before investing some hard earned skill points in this skill: the major growth skills must always come before anything else since they’re the ones giving the most advantage. Once they have been learned you can learn the Accomplished Killer and all the other hunter skills to get a better experience bonus.


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