Tomb Raider Optional Tombs Guide: Tomb Of The Unworthy

As if the game wasn’t huge enough with all the Island exploration, secret items and relics to collect and locations to find, Tomb Raider also has 7 optional Tombs scattered all around the island in addition to the one present in the main story. Since these tombs are completely optional, there’s no reason to search for them and complete the puzzles withing if you’re just going to complete the story of the game. There are, however, a few advantages in completing these optional tombs: completing them will give you some extra XP which is pretty good, considering how many skills are in the game and how much EXP points are needed to master all of them. At the same time you’ll be able to find some extra items and relics, as well as simply enjoying more of the excellent Tomb Raider gameplay. If you’re looking to 100% the game and obtain all trophies and achievements you will have to complete all seven extra tombs, since the Intellectually Superior trophy / achievement is unlocked only after completing the extra seven tombs. Another tomb is available as DLC, the Tomb Of The Lost Adventurer, but it’s not required to obtain the trophy/ achievement. In this guide we will cover all the extra tombs with tips to find and complete them.

  • Tomb Of The Unworthy

The Tomb of The Unworthy is the first tomb Lara will gave to complete to get a partial Treasure Map of the Mountain Village as opposed to a full Treasure Map.

The Tomb is located at the base of the waterfall, right before the zone requiring the Climbing Axe to proceed. The Climbing Axe is a requirement to proceed.

The first thing to do in the tomb is get fire onto one of the thorces: there’s a firepot in one of the chambers which can be easily accessed. If you have completed the Base Exterior you won’t have any need for the firepot. To proceed you will have to burn all the bodies on the platform, removing weight from it and allowing Lara to proceed further: push the lift’s counterweight off, jump on the platform again to reach the climbable rock wall. The treasure map will be at the top of the climb.



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