The Last Of Us Upgrades Guide – Hunting Rifle

The Last Of Us Upgrades Guide – Hunting Rifle

Now that we have taken care of the basics of the game, which should definitely help you in your journey, it’s time to delve deeper into the game’s mechanics. There are so many interesting gameplay elements that make The Last Of Us more than a simple survival horror game, almost unrivaled in its depth.

As we already stated in the Survival guides, fighting in The Last Of Us must always be considered at a last resource when all other options have failed. This is because there isn’t much ammo around the game for your firearms, meaning that every single bullet must be saved for those situations where fire arms are truly the only way to go. In The Last Of Us stealth is always the way: using Listen Mode you can avoid pretty much all humans and infected hostiles without alerting them and starting a fight.

The fact that fighting enemies is not the focus of the game is also underlined by the fact that most of the weapons in the game are optional: you may be able to get to the end of your journey without having to find any of them. The Bow will probably be one of your most used weapons, not only because it’s perfect for stealth takedowns but also because you can recover arrows after shooting them, something that you obviously cannot do with regular bullets.

Another good reason to not get into fire fights is to avoid alerting enemies: if you go trigger happy against an Infected in an area, you’ll end up alerting all of them and if they surround you it’s an almost certain game over.

Despite all this, weapons are still useful in some tight situations, especially if you have been already discovered and running is no longer an option: you’ll be grateful during these moments that you have been saving bullets.

There will be times when you’re really going to get tired of running and blasting some Infected may just be what you need to raise your morale and start focusing again on surviving. If you intend to do so at times, weapons upgrades will make your life easier: most of the game’s weapons can be upgraded, improving reload speed, fire rate, clip capacity and max ammo for firearms. Melee weapons can also be upgraded for increased damage and weapon durability.

  • Hunting Rifle

This powerful weapon, once upgraded to the max, will become even more deadly and one of the best tools at your disposal to survive encounters with the Infected.

  • Level 1

Reload Speed – Level 1 tools 15 parts
Clip Capacity – Level 1 tools 20 parts
Scope – Level 1 tools 25 parts
Armor Piercing – Level 3 tools 74 parts
Power – Level 4 tools 60 parts
Chamber Size – 2/7

  • Level 2

Reload Speed – Level 3 tools 30 parts
Clip Capacity – Level 4 tools 40 parts
Scope – Level 4 tools 40 parts
Armor Piercing – Level 5 tools 75 parts
Power – N/A
Chamber Size – 3/8

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